What Clients Say About Belinda!


“I am so glad my husband, Derek, decided to join me in my daily workouts with Belinda after I had lost 11 lbs. 8 inches in her 30 Day Melt the Fat Program. Working out as a couple has definitely made reaching our goals easier, we understand & appreciate each others routine & having the encouragement of your best friend beside you is the best support. In the 3 short months we’ve been with Belinda, we’ve both seen amazing results. Belinda is passionate when it comes to fitness & understands the needs of her clients, she makes each workout challenging & always seems to know when to push you just that extra little bit but never so hard to the point where it seems impossible. Her workouts are diverse yet tailored for everyone’s individual levels of fitness & places the safety of all her clients as a high priority. Highly recommend Belinda’s programs to anyone looking to improve their health & fitness, you do the work but her knowledge & expertise will help you reach your fitness goals.”


“Jason and I enjoy working out with Belinda as a couple. Her workouts are challenging, but she always offers alternatives according to to fitness levels and abilities, so even though Jason and I are doing similar workouts, they are tailored to us individually. With Belinda’s encouragement and guidance, we have seen real changes in our bodies and fitness abilities. She is a pro in her field and is eager to share her knowledge and experience with her clients.”


“Belinda is the greatest Trainer I’ve ever seen!”

Fitness Programs

Belinda only takes a few select clients every month.